Amazing Cucumber Benefits For Skin To Get It Glowing

Amazing Cucumber Benefits For Skin To Get It Glowing. Cucumbers are a one-stop solution for skin care. In fact, most of our skincare products are in some way made of cucumber extracts. The versatility of this cool green vegetable is the reason why it is known as a super food when it comes to skin care, it can be consumed raw, sliced up and applied to the skin, made into a scrub or a face mask and can also be consumed as a juice.
Amazing Cucumber Benefits For Skin To Get It Glowing

Cucumber Benefits For Skin

Our skin is constantly exposed to pollution, harsh cosmetics and harmful rays of the sun that suck away the body’s natural water & moisture and dehydrate our skin cells. Leaving it looking dark and dull.

Cucumber which consists of 96% helps to keep our skin hydrated, look young, fresh and also imparts instant glow ad radiance. Apart from hydrating the skin, cucumbers consist of an array of nutrients and phytochemicals such as ascorbic and caffeic acid, which are useful compounds that help prevent swelling and inflammation.

The skin of a cucumber is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A & E, magnesium, potassium and silica. Vitamin E in particular helps in blood circulation and promotes healing which is beneficial for the skin. While silica, which is also known as the beauty nutrient helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as improve complexion.

Here are a few benefits of cucumber for skin.

Hydrates And Revitalizes The Skin

Cucumber is rich in water that helps hydrate your skin. Besides being used as a ready alternative to a moisturizer, cucumber, if mixed with curd, can also serve as an excellent hydrating pack, which leaves your skin glowing and revitalized.

Helps Get Rid Of Cellulite

The phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your outer skin layer to tighten up, reducing the visibility of cellulite.

Protects Against The Sun And Removes Sun Tan

Cucumber consists of flavonoids, tannins and vitamin C that gives it an antioxidant property that protects the skin cells from the cell damaging radicals generated from UV rays.

Soothes The Skin And Heals Scars

When eaten, cucumber helps to cool the body internally and hydrates it when the outside temperature is hot and by applying it topically also soothes the skin. Cucumber acts like a natural hemostatic agent that accelerates blood clotting, which helps in healing scars.

As A Skin Toner And Tightens It

Cucumber’s refreshing and skin-tightening effects make it an excellent natural skin toner. You can use the juice of a cucumber or dilute it with water to use as a toner to remove oil or traces of makeup. At the same time, its high-water content will keep your skin moist and supple.

Benefits Of Cucumber On Face

The skin on our face is more sensitive than the skin on our body. Our face skin is constantly exposed to the harsh radicals of the environment, pollution and cosmetics, cucumber like a knight in shining armor, not only protects our skin but also nourishes, revitalizes and heals our skin from such radicals.

Rejuvenates And Revitalizes The Face

Cucumber is both a mild astringent and contains a lot of water, which help in tightening the skin and keeps the skin cells hydrated leaving a youthful, radiant and glowing skin.

Reduces Puffy Eyes/Eye Bags

There could be many reasons for puffy eyes, thyroid, alcohol, lack of sleep, allergies, eating habits to name a few. Puffy eyes are caused due to water retention around the eye area, which gives them a little puffiness. The ascorbic acid and the caffeic acid in cucumber helps to bring down the water retention rate which, in turn, diminishes the swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

Reduces Dark Circles

Stress/lack of sleep, allergies, tiredness, alcohol and bad eating habits can often lead the sensitive skin around our eyes discolored and dull. The abundance of antioxidants and silica in cucumber can help in slowly fading these dark circles.

Treats Blemishes/ Acne

A blemish usually begins when our pores get blocked; Sebum (natural oil our skin produces) and dead skin cells build up behind the blockage to create blemishes. Cucumber contains anti- inflammatory properties that help to sooth the skin and keep the pores open.

Keeps Lines And Wrinkles Away

Lines and wrinkles are caused due to dehydrate dead skin cells. Cucumber is a natural moisturizer and helps to keep the skin cells hydrated and a hydrated skin means a smoother skin.

Benefits Of Cucumber Juice For Skin

Cucumber juice is an elixir when it comes to skin care. It can be used both internally (cucumber juice) and externally (face pack for glowing skin). Because of its high water content and minerals, cucumber juice boosts your body's hydration, flushing toxins and helps in overall cooling the body. With the abundance of silica also known as the beauty mineral, cucumber juice not only helps in protecting but also nourishes and improves the health and complexion of the skin.

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