Benefits Of Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Even though moisturizers won’t necessarily affect how the skin functions at the cellular level (that is, they won’t change the production level of collagen and repair of tissue damage), they are an excellent way to keep the skin hydrated, replenishing the natural moisture elements in the upper layers and bolstering the barrier function of the skin. Here are a few benefits of moisturizing your skin daily.

Benefits Of Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Re-Hydrates Dry Skin

Sometimes our skin can get chapped or dried from wind, cold, or heat and can be hard to treat with regular cosmetics or lotions.

While people with sensitive skin, no matter which type of climate they live in, their skin can become dry and irritated easily, sometimes even from indoor heating. Moisturizer applied after each shower or bath, can help to seal moisture deep in the skin to keep it hydrated and supple.

Replenishes Rough Dry Spots On The Skin

Our skin is rough in certain areas of our body, like around the elbows or knees. The skin can benefit these areas with regular moisturizing, especially applied after a bath or at bedtime. With regular use, a moisturizing lotion can ease rough skin and make it as smooth and silky as the rest of your body.

Makes Your Skin Glow

Using a moisturizer everyday can make your skin glow by keeping your skin cells hydrated and protecting them from the sun’s UV rays and seasonal changes that can cause your skin to look dry and dull.

Brightening qualities are sometimes embedded in lotion to show up as tiny sparkling flecks on the skin when applied. Some cosmetic lotions can brighten the skin to remove dull, dead flakes and rejuvenate underlying tissues.

Smoothens Out Calluses

If you are on your feet quite a bit you may have developed rough calluses that are painful and unsightly. Moisturizing lotion can make these areas supple and help you to remove the dead skin easier than if you attempted it without the lotion.

Feels And Smells Good

People love the feel of creamy lotion on their tired limbs or torso. Enjoy the relaxing sensation of lotion applied to your feet, legs, or arms. Specialty stores, department stores, and gift shops carry many different scents of body lotion to choose from.

Protects The Skin From Harmful Radicals

Moisturizing forms a barrier between the skin and the environmental conditions, helping to form a fine, protective layer that protects it from the harsh climatic conditions and helps to retain the moisture it requires. Applying daily helps and protects your skin from these harsh radicals.

Moisturizers Have Fewer Side Effects And Are Gentle On The Skin

Applying cosmetics and other beauty products can leave your skin dehydrated and dull because of the various chemicals present in them. Frequent application of these products can have adhering side effects, while moisturizers are gentle and help in hydrating the skin and applying them daily helps nourish your skin and leave you with that radiating, young glow.

Overall, moisturizing products are better and while you may not notice the effects right away, after continued use you will eventually realize that natural products are better and gentler on the skin vs the unnatural products.

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