Easy Steps To Prevent Tanning Feet

Easy Steps To Prevent Tanning Feet. There are various ways and means to prevent tanning from hands and feet in simple and easy steps. Few of them are listed below:

Easy Steps To Prevent Tanning Feet

Use Suncreen

Whenever you are travelling out of the house make sure to use a good SPF sunscreen lotion. Ultraviolet rays of the sun can be really harmful for the skin. They can cause many skin problems like cancer. A good sunscreen not only helps diffuse the effects of the rays but also protects skin from various ailments. Make sure to apply a minimum of SPF30 moisturizer in order to protect the skin. Various natural remedies -- like a mix of lemon juice and yogurt before bathing – can also help protecting the skin from sun damage.

Cover Properly Whenever Going Out

Whenever you are travelling in the sun in summers, make sure to cover the hands and feet properly in order to protect them from tanning.

Wash Hands And Feet After Returning

The moment you return from outside, make sure to properly wash off hands and feet in order to soothe them from harmful sun rays. Thereafter, make sure to apply a mild moisturizer to keep them soft and supple.

Avoid Direct Contact With Sun

According to experts, it is best to avoid direct sun contact or stepping in the sun between 10 am to 3 pm in summer months when the sun is at its harshest. Hence, plan your day in advance and if not necessary do not step out unnecessarily. During these times, tanning to a certain extent is inevitable.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Make sure to wear bright and lose fitting clothes during summer months. Closely woven fabric materials like cotton and linen usually caste a thick shadow protecting the skin from direct contact from sun, hence preventing a tan. It also helps the skin to breathe, thus reducing any kind of skin damage.

Save Yourself From UV Rays

The ultraviolent rays of the sun are dangerous for skin. Apart from burning the skin they can also cause many harmful diseases like skin cancer. Hence, it is very important to save yourself from UV rays by making sure of wearing a protective gear like gloves, shoes, socks and umbrellas.

Apply Foundation

Many experts are of the view that a generous use of make-up foundation on hands and feet can prevent them from tanning. Foundation prevents the ultraviolent rays to directly penetrate the skin and can be applied after using sunscreen so that the skin can be totally protected from getting damaged.

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