Fairness Tips For Dry Skin In Winter

Fairness Tips For Dry Skin In Winter. Dry skin come with its own set of challenges. Be it any weather, winter or summer, those with dry skin can been seen whining about the quality and texture of their skin.

Fairness Tips For Dry Skin In Winter

Things That Makes Your Skin Dry

Before straight away jumping to knowing how to make dry skin fair and glow or learning about effective skin care tips for dry skin, know the reasons why your skin gets try despite you trying everything under the sun to avoid it.

Dry skin is an uncomfortable thing that is often followed by itchy, scaling and cracked skin. But what really causes your skin to become dark, patchy and dry? Read more:
  • Excessive use of chemicals and other harsh skin related products
  • Dry air, constant weather change and too much exposure to heaters or air conditioning. This often robs the skin of its natural moisture and disturb its pH balance
  • Long hot showers. Hot water spells bad news for those with already dry skin as it can further damage the cells and make the skin feel dehydrated and stretched
  • Too much use of soaps or shower gels is another reason for your skin to feel dry and flaky
  • Medical or skin conditions like cancer, psoriasis, eczema or diabetes can cause your skin to become dry
  • Lack of water in the body can cause not only the problem of dehydration but also dry skin. The skin needs to remain moisturised and nourished all the time and water is a natural agent the provides both to the skin.

Fairness Tips For Dry Skin In Winter

While both internal and external factors are responsible for making your skin feel dry, there are few fairness tips for dry skin that you can follow to get rid of the problem form the root.

To help simplify your search for fairness tips for dry skin, we have listed down few points that you can easily include in your everyday beauty regime and feel fresh, soft and rejuvenated at any time of the day. 

Consume Healthy Food For Glowing Skin

Consuming fresh fruits and juices is among the best fairness tips for dry skin. A healthy diet is important for fairer skin, else skin starts appear dull, dry and flaky.

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables rich with nutrients is necessary to protect skin from drying out.

Detox With Antioxidants

Wondering how to get fair for dry skin? Start on a detoxification diet right away! Detoxification of your skin is important for flushing out toxins from your body.

Also, consuming enough antioxidants is necessary to keep that glow on your face. Make sure you have green tea and consume foods loaded with antioxidants to get that bright glow.

Prevent Use Of Chemicals

As an important fairness tip for dry skin in winter, we suggest banning the use of chemically treated products from your beauty regime.

While moisturising lotions are good for us, they contain high amounts of chemicals. Facial skin is more susceptible to irritation from toxins and chemicals in these moisturisers. Instead, try to use natural ingredients and remedies to make your skin glow.

You can opt for mild yet nourishing and moisturising cream to add radiance and rose like natural glow on the face. Enriched with vitamin E, it keeps the skin soft and supple for long when applied regularly.

Hydrate With Water

How to get fair skin for dry skin? Start drinking water! Water is very important for your skin and it helps to hydrate and moisturise it from within. Water flushes out the toxins from the body helping to maintain fair and healthy skin.


Exercising is a great way to keep you healthy internally and reduce stress levels giving you younger looking skin.

Don't Touch Your Face Often

Your hands can be a major source of germs. Touching the face often can transfer these germs to the face, causing it to become dry and dull.

This can also speed up the aging process. Try avoid touching your face often and if you have to, make sure your hands are clean.

Don't Wash Your Face With Hot Water

Washing face with hot water makes it dry, flaky and dark. Instead wash your face with lukewarm water thus retaining it moisture and glow.

Use Natural Fairness Pack For Dry Skin

Thinking how to become fair for dry skin? Change your beauty regime and start including usage of natural homemade face pack for fair skin.

Regular use of fairness packs for dry skin which make use of natural ingredients is helpful for fair and supple skin.

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