To practice various massage techniques

To practice various massage techniques, you need: Firm bed, bed sheet for covering, Oil, vibrator, towels.

To practice various massage techniques

Back Massage

A good back massage enhances the well being of t, the whole body.

1. Stroking

Start with you hands at the lower back, your thumbs on either side of the spine and your fingers pointing towards the head. With relaxed hands, stroke firmly up the back, lean out your hands using your body weight to apply pressure. This movement can be given on the neck, shoulders and buttocks.

2. Kneadig

It is an extremely versatile movement. When done rhythmically, it can have a tremendously soothing effect.

Turn to face across the body and with your hands facing each other, take a handful of flesh with alternate hands. Start at the hips and work up the sides of the body, continue kneading the neck muscles and bones of the neck, over the shoulders and up the neck to the bone of the skull.

3. Circle Stroking

Place both hands on the riqht sideof the back one a little higher than the other. Slide the upper hand down the side in a large curve, and the lower up on the spine continue stroking in this manner.

4. Pressure

You can relax the small muscles on either side of the spine with a series of firm pressures. Start at the lower back, with your thumbs on either side of the spine. Press firmly, then release and repeat a little further up. Apply this pressures around the body triangle at the bone of the spine. Finish off back massage by working on the main part of it.

5. Cradling

With relaxed hands facing each other, do some open handed kneading on the lower back. Do not grasp and squeeze the flesh but simply sway your hands back and forth in a deep penetrating stroke.

6. Criss crossing

Put one hand on each side of the waist, with the fingers of both hands facing away from you. Pull your hands firmly up the sides of the body, slide them up and part each other and down the other side.

7. Pummelling

Make loose fists with your hands and pummel all over the back. Start on the buttocks and move up the back, avoiding the kidney area.

Leg Massage

When massaging the legs press very lightly over the bony areas. Ask your patron to lie on her back.


Cup your hands over the ankle and stroke up the front and side of the leg. Slide down to the ankle.

The following movements can also be used while massaging the leg-kneading--The calf and the thighs, Criss Crossing --Calf, Thighs, Thumb--On the knee, Criss-Crossing, Pummelling and Skin Rolling.

ARM Massage

The techniques are almost exactly the same as those used on legs.


Stroke firmly up the arm with your hands slightly cupped . so that the pressure is deep on the muscle but light over the bones. When you reach the top of the arm, open your hands out and stroke round the shoulder.

The following movements can be employed while massaging the armKneading, Elbow Massage, etc.

Abdomen Massage

Place a pillow under your patron's knee to help relax the back and the stomach muscles. One can massage the stomach by giving.


Stroke slowly up to the ribs, pull your hands out to the sides and glide them down circling the navel.


Knead the whole area, starting with the hip on the far side of the body, alternately squeeze and release the flesh.

Chest and Neck Massage

Massage can help to stretch and relax the chest muscles, thus relieve aching in the upper back and neck. Put a small cushion or a thick folded blanket under your patron's head, so that her neckis perfectly relaxed. You can manage this area by


Stroke down the chest to the breast.


Make your hands into fists and ripple your fingers round to make small circular movements with your knuckles.


Knead the fleshy area in front of the armpit.

Massaging Techniques

In order for a massage to have the maximum benefit, it is important that it is given in a comfortable environment. Massage usually follows the sequence below, but you can vary it as much as you like.
  • Right foot and leg, left foot and leg.
  • Left hand and arms, right hand and arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back of legs, back
  • Chest, face and head
A whole body massage usually takes about an hour. Your massage will be greatly enhanced if yeu use oil to help your hands glide over the skin. Some people use talcum powder as a lubricant.


You can tailor a massage to suit any needs: even a single technique can be stimulating or soothing, dependinq on how you do it. A firm, brisk massage is invigorating, while slow, steady strokes can send someone to sleep. The fun of massage is experimenting. Never do the same massage twice-each time you massag.e, find out your patron's needs, and give a massage to suit them. The following tips will he make your massage a wonderful experience.
  1. The most important element of a massage is rhythm. A rhythmic massage will send waves of relaxation throughout the body.
  2. Massage should be pleasurable, so ask your patron to tell you if anything you do seems unpleasant or painful.
  3. Mould your hands to the contours of the body, and imagine you are sculpting the body into its perfect shape.
  4. Keep one hand in contact with the body throughout the massage of any area. Ideally, the whole body massage should feel like one continous, flowing stroke.
  5. Vary your pressure from very light to very strong. It should be lighter over bony areas and firmer over large muscles. Don't be afraid to apply deep presure, a firm ouch feels good.
  6. It is never necessary to use force during your massage, simply use the weight of your body to apply pressure.
  7. Concentrate on the massage, and do not talk much. Your massage will be more effective if both of you focus attention on the various sensations.
  8. Do not worry if your first movements seem clumsy. All touch feels good, and with practice your massage will become flowing and confident.
  9. To qive a good massage you need to be totally relaxed, so don't try too hard. If in doubt about what to do next, just stroke. As long as your, movements are rhythmic, the massage will feel good and relaxing.

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