Benefits of Juice of Potato For Hair Health

All parts of potatoes – from peel to juice to the pulp can be used to take care of the hair woes without much of work. There are various benefits of juice of potatoes for hair health, few of which are mentioned below:

Benefits Of Potato For Hair

Keeps The Scalp Clean

To use the juice of potatoes for hair woes one can simply rely on the vegetables to cleanse the scalp and unclog the hair follicles to deal with problems like dandruff and hair fall.

Grows Hair Fast

Potato juice and peel contain zinc, niacin and iron that help in fast growth of hair by nourish and nurturing the hair follicles. One must apply potato juice for hair growth every day for faster results.

Removes Dandruff

Potatoes are acidic in nature and hence help in keeping dandruff at bay. Potato juice for hair can be beneficial for the scalp as well.

Natural Conditioner

Potato acts as a natural conditioner by adding shine and luster to the hair. Using potato juice for hair softening is an ancient ritual in many civilizations.

It is very easy to make potato juice for hair growth at home, using simple ingredients. One just needs to peel a potato and mix it in a blender to make a smooth puree. Then strain it with a cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice in a container. Potato juice for hair can be used in various concoctions with egg and honey for promoting great health of the tresses.

There are various benefits of juice of potato for hair growth, few of which include:

Stimulating Blood Circulation

Juice of potato for hair when massaged gently on the scalp simulates blood circulation, getting rid of the impurities from hair follicles. This promotes a healthy growth of hair as well.

Scalp Cleaning

One can also use potato juice for grey hair, as the tuber is amazing natural bleach. It helps in bringing back the lost shine and helps new hair grow faster and thicker.

One can easily churn out various home remedies made from potato juice and peel that help to bring that awesome mane you have been dreaming of with just a twitch of your finger.

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