Best Home Remedies On How To Remove Tan From Face

Best Home Remedies On How To Remove Tan From Face. Getting tanned is the worst skin condition as it not only makes the skin appear dark and discolored, but also causes allergies and breakouts.

Best Home Remedies On How To Remove Tan From Face

Hence, it is very important to safeguard skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Tanning can be removed with the help of many home made remedies that are simple and quick to follow with fantastic, long-lasting results.

Just jumble up few organic and natural ingredients available in the kitchen and see how fast the skin tan disappears.

Best Home Remedies On How To Remove Tan From Face

Read on to know how to get rid of tan from face with these beauty tips at home:

Saffron & Milk Tan Removal Face Pack

For instant results in case of extreme tanning, saffron helps in clearing the skin. When mixed with milk, it acts as a complete skin rejuvenator while adding a natural glow to your face.

Banana, lemon & milk Face Pack

A two in one wonder, home remedies for tan removal lemon is an awesome combo of bleaching and scrubbing agent at the same time. Mixed with milk and banana it will not just aid in lightening the complexion but also add radiance to it.

Chocolate & Orange Juice Tan Removal Face Pack

One of the best properties of dark chocolate is that it helps in refining the texture of the skin while making it few shades lighter.

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants that makes the face glow and radiate with health. And together they work better than the best tan removal creams available in the market. This is very effective tan removal face pack for glowing skin.

Honey And Rice Powder Tan Removal Face Scrub

Rice powder and honey make an incredibly effective face scrub which removes older dead tissues and skin and makes it feel smoother. This face scrub is best home remedies for tan removal and is great since the rice powder also helps tighten and tone the skin, whereas honey retains the moisture.

Honey And Oatmeal Face Scrub To Remove Sun Tan

Sensitive skin needs something extra that doesn’t cause irritation or rashes. This honey and oatmeal face scrub to remove sun tan is exactly the same. It works brilliantly on sensitive skin.

Tomato And Sugar Face Make The Best Tan Removal Scrub

This face scrub can be your go-to and simple remedy for tan removal from the face and body. This is very useful home remedies for glowing skin & remove tan from face.

Baking Soda And Water Tan Removal Face Scrub

Another face scrub to remove sun tan from face which is mild and works like a wonder on oily skin. It removes dead cells and gives a brighter looking skin.

Oily acne prone skin needs daily exfoliation as the dead skin cells along with the sebum can be a breeding place for bacteria to form a pimple. This scrub takes away the sun tan from face and makes skin color brighter.

Lemon With Sugar Face Scrub To Remove Sun Tan

One of the most efficient face scrubs, lemon and sugar remove sun tan and make skin fairer and a lot softer. It also reverses the sun damage due to the lemon juice which is fortified with Vitamin C.

Lemon Juice Mask

Lemon juice can be used to remove scars on the face and also reduce tan, and the best part is that it’s purely natural and it doesn’t make your skin dry.

Lemon And Multani Mitti Tan Removal Pack

Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth is known to be an antioxidant that helps in cleaning the skin thoroughly, lightening and brightening the complexion.

Potato And Honey Anti-Tan Face Pack

Potato is known to lighten the skin complexion and along with honey works as one of the best anti-tan ingredient.

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