Green Tea Benefits For Hair

Green tea benefits for hair are immense as it helps in averting and treating hair loss by promoting healthy growth of hair follicles and cells. The polyphenols present in the tea contains vitamins E and C and hence promote silky and radiant hair.  It is always advisable to use green tea for hair loss, remove dandruff permanently and psoriasis.
Green Tea Benefits For Hair

Apart from these, green tea also proves beneficial in:
  • Stimulating hair growth & re-growth
  • Keeping the hair smooth & silky
  • Promotion of problem free scalp
  • Reducing inflammation caused due to scalp infection or itchiness
  • Treat hair loss and baldness

The benefits of green tea for hair fall and loss are immense and hence it is highly recommended since it is totally natural and free from chemicals and any kind of side-effects. Also, there are few theories which ask can green tea cause hair loss? But the truth is that it is one of the best compounds for daily healthcare regime. Few green tea benefits for hair are listed below:

Essential Compounds
Green tea is a bag filled with lots of essential compounds and minerals like carotenoids, tacopherols, zinc, chromium, ascorbic acid, selenium, and manganese. All of these help in preventing hair loss.

Polyphenols are one of the main compounds in green tea that helps in nurturing hair cells and activating the hair roots and follicles.

Fights stress
Stress of any kind can be one of the reasons for hair fall . Consumption of green tea relaxes the mind and presence of antioxidants help reduce stress and calm the mind.

Green tea is said to be anti-inflammatory in nature and helps clean the hair scalp, making it free of bacteria and fungal infections.

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