How To Wash Hair With Beer

There are several ways to apply beer on hair depending on your hair type and needs. There are few steps that one should take while washing their hair with beer. Here are the steps How To Wash Hair With Beer:

De-Carbonate Your Beer

Pour a bottle or can of beer into a jug or bowl and let it sit overnight or throughout the day. By doing this we release the carbon dioxide from the beer, this is important because the carbon dioxide combined with water can create hard water which can damage the hair and make your hair look tangle and tough. The presence of carbon dioxide can also hinder the effects of shampoo and make it harder for you to wash your hair effectively.

Massage Your Hair With Beer For 1 Minute

Pour the container or bottle of beer into your hair and lather it onto your scalp. Beer is also very beneficial for your skin as beer sediment or brewer's yeast helps reduce sebum production and control oily skin on your face or scalp. You can also try dipping the ends of your hair with beer first, letting it set in your hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing your entire head with beer.

Rinse The Beer Off With Shampoo

Shampoo your hair thoroughly. For best results use Dabur Vatika Health Shampoo. Beer acts as a conditioner instead. It's recommended you don't rinse the beer off completely to avoid frizziness. If your hair feels frizzy, take a few drops of Coconut Hair Oil and rub it on the hair starting from top to the roots. It’s non-sticky solution that aids in taming frizzy hair while adding shine & smoothness to the hair.

Towel dry your hair afterwards. It may take a few washes before you see you can feel and see results. It's best to only do the beer wash a few times a week as it can be quite drying for hair if used everyday.

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