Using Walnuts For Effective Skin Home Remedies

Using Walnuts For Effective Skin Home Remedies. There are many easy and simple face packs and masks that can be made at home using walnuts to give that dull and boring skin a new life. Few of them are listed below.

Using Walnuts For Effective Home Remedies

Honey & Walnut Face Pack

Walnuts and honey are powerful ingredients when it comes to skin care. Combining these two makes for a sure shot home remedies for glowing skin. Walnuts helps to keep the skin free of infections and honey moisturizes it from deep within, thus giving it a natural radiance.

Walnut Oil & Gram Flour Mask

Walnut oil for skin promotes a smooth texture and soft skin tone. Mixing it with gram flour tightens the skin, aids in removing blemishes and dark spots and give the skin a healthy glow. It also helps fight off bacterial and fungal infections.

Walnut & Coconut Scrub

Walnut face scrub is one of the most popular skin treatments. It helps clean away dead skin cells and promote new and healthier cells that adds natural glow to the skin. It also helps in keeping off the free radicals that can cause infection, acne, pimples and blackouts etc. Coconut also heals infections and inflammations and moisturizes the skin.

Walnut & Cream Face Pack

This cream and walnut face pack is a treasure trove of skin care. It nourishes the skin from inner layers, keeps in moisturized for a longer time and helps in growth of new skin cells.

Walnut, Papaya & Turmeric Face Mask

This face mask with papaya, turmeric and walnut for skin whitening is very effective. It includes all the natural ingredients that are full of mineral and vitamins, which are required for deep nourishment of dull & dry skin. Papaya hydrates the skin and gives glow while turmeric being an antiseptic helps in healing the skin.

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